Let’s Play Outside

On those lucky sunny Seattle days, tie up your tennis shoes, close your laptops and get those kiddos outside for some family free play. Here are some activities you can try to address various physical needs.

 Improve Strength and Balance

  • Walk up a grassy hill together
  • Play red light green light
  • Log roll down a grassy hill
  • Bear walk along hands and feet
  • Jump over cracks in a sidewalk
  • Climb the play equipment, try new and different ladders

For your Toe Walkers

  • Walk backwards, guide them by holding onto the end of a hoola hoop, stick or rope
  • Walk up a grassy hill
  • Climb up the slide (watch for other kids)
  • Side step along a narrow wooden beam
  • Bear walk in the grass
  • In a large supported swings, have your kiddo tuck their feet up into the swing

For your Sensitive Ones

  • Go mid-day, mid-week to avoid crowds
  • Bring noise cancelling headphones
  • Create a safe place near pay equipment to take frequent breaks (small pup tent)
  • Consider deep pressure: squeezes, compression vests, body sock

Contact Anna Brown, BS, PT, DPT to make a physical therapy appointment for your child in your home and community.

Foundation Children’s Physical Therapy 206.499.7671 -foundationchildrenspt@gmail.com www.foundationchildrensphysicaltherapy.com 


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