Shoes to Ground Your Little One

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So you’ve noticed your child falls a lot. They walk differently than other kids, but you can put your finger on why or how to help. When your child’s foot hits the ground, they are dealing with multiple forces of gravity and the contact between their foot at the ground. Here are some things you can do to help them feel more grounded.

Let’s talk footwear options

  • Children with balance difficulties should AVOID loose fitting boots, shoes like uggs, crocs, thong sandals.
  • Instead, choose wide based shoes with a sturdy sole. Good heel control and arch supports are good things to watch for. A wide toe box is a good feature when shopping to pair with orthotics.

Shoe Brands that fit orthotics and provide sturdy support

I know what you’re thinking…shopping with my child is not awesome

  • Home Try On:   Zappos is a wonderful website that offers free shipping and free returns. Try a couple sizes in a couple of styles and brands. Wear them indoors to trial, and send back the ones that don’t work.
  • Shoe Size Difference:  For your kids with foot size differences, Nordstrom lets you buys shoes in different sizes and only pay for one pair.
  • Shopping Solo: If you want to head to the store solo, bring your child’s pre-cut and fitted orthotic to the store and buy the pairs that the orthotic fits into best.

Shoe Laces Adaptations

  • Hickies can replace shoe laces and look cool too.
  • Lock Laces have an elastic pull.
  • Zubits connect to your existing laces to create an easy magnetic closure for laces.


Contact Anna Brown, BS, PT, DPT to make a physical therapy appointment for your child in your home and community.

Foundation Children’s Physical Therapy 206.499.7671 


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