Tackling Tummy Time

Tummy time can be a tricky task for some kids. Here are some tips to encourage your infant to develop those important postural muscles and head righting:

  • While you are laying on your back, place your child on your chest facing you for a fun socializing time.
  • Find a blanket with a fun contrasting pattern and place your child on it
  • With the child laying on the floor place light up musical toy in their view.
  • Play airplane with your child cradled in your arm face down
  • Place your child with their tummy on small couch cushion for a game of peekaboo.

Remember this abbreviation -F.A.R.T.  (Yes, I am not above potty humor)

FUN should be source of distraction.

ARRANGE props to help you position your child and free your hands for play.

READ your child’s sign of discomfort. Transition to another activity if they appear upset.

TRY this frequently and in short spurts of 1-2 minutes if they can’t tolerate longer.


Contact Anna Brown, BS, PT, DPT to make a physical therapy appointment for your child in your home and community.

Foundation Children’s Physical Therapy 206.499.7671 -foundationchildrenspt@gmail.com www.foundationchildrensphysicaltherapy.com 



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