How to Sit

Your child will move in mysterious ways.

Sitting can seem pretty harmless, but there are good ways to sit and bad ways to sit.

It is not uncommon to see children with motor delays use W-sitting as their preferred method of sitting.

What is W-Sitting?

W-sitting looks like a “W.” Feet are placed outside of the hips.


Why should we avoid W-Sitting?

  • W-sitting can further delay core strength development
  • W-sitting can lead to skeletal deformities
  • W-sitting is only OK if it is one of MANY different ways your child sits.

Helpful hints for your little W-Sitter:

  1. Criss-cross applesauce
  2. Sit on a small stool to sit on instead
  3. Sit in a small chair
  4. Tummy on elbows for reading, art projects, and shows
  5. Short and tall kneel are great alternatives.

If the W-Sitting remains persistent, try this product:

Criss-Crosser sounds a tone with the child W-Sits. It is a nag-free reminder for them to try an alternative manner of sitting.


Contact Anna Brown, BS, PT, DPT to make a physical therapy appointment for your child in your home and community.

Foundation Children’s Physical Therapy 206.499.7671 


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