Pokemon Go: Opening up a New World

As another application gets released that brings our attention further away from reality and deeper into the cyber technology abyss, let’s find positive in the new Pokemon Go craze. If your family is going to obsess over it, might as well make the most of it…

Our Special Needs Community:

Need a Motivator to Convince your Child to Go Out Side?

Safety Tips!

  • Buddy system-safety in numbers
  • Plan your route-Dont wander aimlessly especially through unfamiliar neighborhoods
  • Set time limits – There are still plenty of other things kids can dow with their time. Make sure they get a well-rounded perspective on daily routine.
  • Talk to your child during and after your missions  -about Pokemon or other things you observe. This is where organic conversations can occur which is the focal point of involved parenting.
  • Stop on occasion –Play at the local park, talk to a neighbor, or get some ice cream. The whole point is to increase outdoor socialization, so encourage your child to look up from the game and smell the roses.


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